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Crafting Impactful Sales Decks

  • Sales Deck Examples and Best Practices

    A well-crafted sales deck is crucial to persuading potential customers and closing deals. Here's an analysis of some exemplary sales decks and essential practices for creating an impactful one.

    Sales Deck Examples

    1. Zenefits Sales Deck

       - Simple yet informative, with consistent design elements and basic yet effective typography and colors.

    2. Zuora Sales Deck

       - Uses image-rich backgrounds and minimal text to communicate its value, vision, and story, making a clear distinction in its industry.

    3. Facebook for Business Sales Deck

       - Persuasive and appealing to multiple audiences by providing different strategies based on business objectives.

    4. Uber for Business Sales Deck

       - Depicts the growth model, digital revolution, and system that solves the taxi industry's current problems with a remarkable concept.

    5. Reddit Ad Sales Deck

       - Engaging and includes custom memes and images, positioning Reddit as a solid contender alongside advertising giants.

    6. Immediately Sales Deck

       - Sophisticated and professional, illustrating a concise and clear message and displaying mobile-based sales solutions.

    7. Grindr Sales Deck

       - Features an innovative, sharp, and modern style theme, including mini infographics and well-organized text.

    8. Snapchat Ad Sales Deck 2015

       - Concise and gets straight to the point, emphasizing its effectiveness in reaching 13-34-year-olds.




    9. Tumblr Ad Sales Deck

       - Visually shows their new business product and uses concise sentences and visuals to support the content.

    10. ProdPad Sales Deck

        - Addresses the problem of its target market with simple visualizations of its solutions using large, bold fonts and fun photos.

    11. LeadCrunch Sales Deck

        - Concentrates on the launch of a new product with larger fonts, emphasized numbers, and icons for visual appeal.

    12. Adgibbon Sales Deck

        - Visually illustrates its product and keeps each slide lively and engaging, resulting in a superb business presentation.

    13. Relink Sales Deck

        - Emphasizes the pain points of potential customers and outlines how AI and data science can affect HR.


    14. Bounce Exchange Sales Deck

        - Tackles all potential customers' specific needs by highlighting product features that summarize data visualization, analysis, and design.

    15. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Sales Deck

        - Dives into individual product lines and customers’ success stories, visually appealing and easy to understand.

    16. Appsflyer Sales Deck

        - Simple, minimalistic, and compelling, this customer-centric sales deck explains more of its product’s capabilities and its customers’ needs.

    17. Splunk Sales Deck

        - Clearly explains the product's advantages and gives a step-by-step walkthrough of how the product performs.

    18. Office365 Sales Deck

        - Utilizes a vivid color scheme, graphics, and concise messaging, effectively conveying the product’s features.


    19. Contently Sales Deck

        - Sticks with a focused topic for each slide, using case studies to illustrate the efficacy of the product.

    Best Practices for Creating a Sales Deck

    Tailor Your Presentation

    - Identify the audience and their dilemma, encourage them to understand the problem, present your offer as the most realistic alternative, and provide a case study showing that it works.

    Keep it Visual

    Utilize graphs, charts, images, and white space over text. The more words on the page, the less they're listening to what you're saying.

    Engage in Dialogue

    - Pave the way for a two-way conversation, allowing prospects to steer the discussion based on their interests.


    Customize to Prospects

    - Tailor your presentation based on your prospect's interests, making it feel customized to them and not overly broad.

    Essential Components

    - Your Sales Deck should include who you are, the "before" or problem section, the "after" or solution section, why you're the best solution, who else you're working with, a call-to-action, and appendices.


    By emulating these successful sales deck examples and adhering to best practices, you can create a compelling and persuasive sales deck that resonates with your audience and drives sales.



    This blog delves into exemplary sales deck examples and key practices for crafting persuasive presentations, providing valuable insights to enhance your sales pitch and drive success.