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17 Key Reasons Your Business Needs Compelling Video Content

  • 17 reasons why your business needs video


    Almost every industry leader wonders why their business requires a video. Some may dismiss it as a passing trend or believe their audience doesn't consume online videos. These doubts, along with the perceived expenses of a video campaign, can be overwhelming. If your organisation shares these concerns, it's crucial to realize the importance of video content. Whether you're a small local business or a giant corporation like Google, having high-quality videos is essential for your brand, generating leads, and boosting sales.


    What is video content marketing:


    Video content marketing involves brands creating video content to enhance their online presence. Videos are typically shared on platforms like YouTube or social media, but can also include webinars, courses, live streams, or self-hosted videos. When executed successfully, the video serves as a compelling tool for brands to communicate their message to a broad audience, catering to both B2C and B2B strategies. The beauty of video content marketing lies in its increasing accessibility and versatility, offering options for businesses of all backgrounds, regardless of their video production expertise.


    1. Video is Popular 


    No matter which social platform you use, it's clear that video content is taking over. Whether you're on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other site, videos are highly visible and widely shared compared to blog posts. Sharing a video online allows it to reach a larger audience, potentially impacting your business significantly, especially if the video goes viral. HubSpot reports that 92% of mobile video viewers share videos, highlighting their immense popularity. Moreover, YouTube alone attracts 4 billion views daily, underscoring the widespread appeal of video content. If the evident popularity of videos hasn't convinced you yet, continue reading!


    2. The Future is Video


    If you're worried that video might be a passing trend, be assured that investing in videos will provide valuable content for many years. All indications and research suggest that videos will be the dominant form of content on the internet in the coming years. Video will become even more important and widespread over time. Producing high-quality content now will give your business an advantage over competitors and those who delay getting into video production. Every business now requires video to stay competitive in the future.


    3. Video Provides Measurable ROI

    There are various metrics available to measure the success of your videos and assess the value of your investment, which is likely to be positive. Platforms such as Wistia and YouTube offer tools to monitor metrics like shares, views, likes, and more, enabling you to monitor your progress and investment. By tracking metrics and establishing smart objectives, you can evaluate your videos' return on investment (ROI). Remember, 64% of viewers who watch a video are more inclined to make an online purchase. Utilizing video data to analyze your success and ROI is straightforward and provides a clear understanding of the value of video content.


    4. Video Tells More


    A 30-second video can convey a wealth of information about your business compared to other forms of content. Every detail, from the expressions of your actors to the lighting decisions, leaves an impact on your viewers. It's often said that a picture is worth a thousand words; now consider the depth of a video. Videos empower businesses to communicate the most about their brand within an ideal timeframe for today's internet users. Using a video, your business can communicate much about your brand, making the investment worthwhile.


    5. Videos are Versatile


    A high-quality brand video has multiple uses. For example, including a video in an email can boost the click-through rate by 96%. By incorporating engaging videos in your communications, you can avoid having your leads' emails end up in spam or trash folders. Furthermore, a video in an email can increase the click-through rate by 200-300%. Integrating videos into relevant blogs, landing pages, and social media advertisements can significantly enhance conversion rates and engagement levels. To maximize results, ensure you adhere to inbound marketing best practices when promoting videos. Crafting a high-quality video for your business can enhance various aspects, from newsletters to sales presentations.


    6. Your Audience is Watching Video

    While the statistics are undoubtedly remarkable, the crucial question is: how does all this information impact your target audience? If you're concerned that individuals in your industry are not interacting with online videos, rest assured that video content appeals to a wide range of age groups, from teenagers to baby boomers. YouTube attracts more viewers aged 18-34 and 18-49 than any cable network. Chances are, your target audience is actively consuming online videos. By developing tailored videos that resonate with them, your organization could enhance brand loyalty, trust, sales, conversions, and other key metrics.


    7. Anyone Can Create Video


    Creating a video may appear challenging, but it can be as straightforward as having a smartphone and utilizing specific applications. If your business lacks professional equipment, you can use your phone and install apps like Instagram. While awaiting approval and production of a more polished video, these social sharing apps can effectively promote your brand and foster customer loyalty. The greatest aspect is that these applications are free! Additionally, there are various free video editing programs available if your company opts for a simple video production approach. Collaborating with an experienced, consultative team like those at Talent Corners can streamline the process, enabling any business to create lead-generating videos.


    8. Video Improves SEO Results


    In addition to the various benefits of promoting video content, a marketing video can enhance your SEO ranking. If you find SEO challenging, leveraging a video can provide the necessary boost. It's worth noting that YouTube, owned by Google, ranks as the second-largest search engine globally. Leveraging video for SEO purposes involves simple steps like tagging your video, incorporating keywords in the text, and utilizing the video transcript. 


    9. Sell More Effectively With Video

    By investing in videos, your sales team will greatly appreciate your efforts. Audiences are more receptive to video content compared to traditional sales pitches. Surprisingly, 59% of executives prefer watching videos over reading text, dispelling concerns about the intellectual appeal of video marketing to your target audience. Furthermore, incorporating product videos on your website can effectively nurture leads, increasing their readiness for sales. Specifically, 90% of users find product videos beneficial in their decision-making process. Enhance your sales efficiency by delivering what your audience desires.


    10. Video Reaches Audiences Where They Most

    Nearly all smartphones and the majority of mobile devices are designed for video viewing. With people spending extensive time on their phones, most mobile users actively share video content with their peers. Tailoring videos for mobile devices is an effective way to engage your audience in their primary digital environment. Given that clients carry their phones everywhere, ensuring your videos are easily consumable on mobile platforms is essential.


    11. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

    Videos have the potential to generate significant revenue for you. Incorporating a product video on your landing page could boost conversions by 80%. The Talent Corners team ensures that video content performs well across all categories.


    Moreover, videos can directly impact sales. Research indicates that 74% of users who viewed an explainer video about a product or service went on to make a purchase. It's time to start creating compelling product videos to capitalize on this opportunity.


    When you consider it, the power of video is not surprising at all. Vision is our primary sense, and visual information comprises a major portion of what our brain processes. If static images can already enhance engagement significantly, envision the impact that dynamic videos can have on your business.


    12. Video Builds Trust

    Trust is crucial for conversions and sales. Content marketing revolves around building trust and nurturing relationships. Focus on providing valuable information to attract people rather than aggressive selling. Videos are powerful tools that engage viewers and evoke emotions, especially among influential figures like YouTubers. Utilize promotional videos to establish trust and address consumer scepticism, ultimately boosting confidence in online purchases.


    13. Google Loves Videos


    Videos boost visitor engagement and trust, enhancing your site's content quality. Embedding videos can significantly improve your Google search ranking. Optimize YouTube videos for SEO with compelling titles, descriptions, and links to drive viewer engagement. Interactive videos can further prompt viewer actions. Google prioritizes YouTube in search results, underscoring the importance of video content for SEO success.


    14. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

    Video and mobile usage are closely linked. 90% of consumers watch videos on mobile. YouTube notes a yearly 100% rise in mobile video consumption. Smartphone users show stronger brand connections to video content compared to TV and desktop viewers. Brands must prioritize personalized mobile video experiences to cater to the expanding mobile video audience.


    15. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything


    Launching a new product or service? Create an explainer video to demonstrate its functionality. Research shows that 98% of users watch explainer videos to understand products/services better. Incorporating an explainer video on the homepage is a common practice among businesses, with 83% finding it effective. Animated videos are effective in simplifying complex concepts and engaging audiences. Utilize a structured process and follow pre-production steps to create standout video content.


    16. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

    Video is an efficient tool for learning and consumption in our fast-paced world. Modern customers prefer seeing products in action, making video crucial in content marketing. Video marketing appeals to various audiences, including those with limited attention spans. Engage both visually and audibly to maximize impact and gain a competitive edge.


    17. Videos are a Great Way to Explain Your Product 


    Video content helps buyers understand products, aiding in sales. 94% of marketers credit video for boosting product comprehension. Customers need to grasp a product's benefits before making a purchase. Visuals in videos simplify explanations. 



    Bonus Tip 1: Video Ads Work Wonders

    Did you know that video ads have the highest click-through rate among all digital ad formats? Non-skippable YouTube video ads boast a 92% completion rate, while skippable ads see a 9% rate. Social media platforms like Facebook find video ads highly effective, with 74% of Ad Recall possible within the first 10 seconds of a video. 


    Bonus Tip 2: Video Enhances Email Campaigns


    If you're already producing videos, be sure to embed them into your email marketing campaigns. An introductory email marketing with a video can boost the click-through rate by 96%, helping you differentiate yourself from competitors and effectively convey your message.








    Statistics on Video Marketing


    Certainly! Video marketing has swiftly emerged as a dominant force in digital advertising, with the projected spending to reach $92.253 billion by 2024, reflecting its significant growth. This form of marketing is highly effective, with video content expected to comprise 82% of internet traffic and capture viewers' attention, as they retain 95% of information conveyed through videos. Moreover, viewers are highly receptive to branded video content, with 54% expressing a willingness to engage, leading to increased sales and customer acquisition. Webinars, popular in the business sector, have proven to generate more qualified leads. Additionally, the incorporation of video on landing pages has been reported to enhance conversion rates by 18%. The pandemic has amplified the relevance and impact of video marketing, with increased viewership and adoption by marketers. Across social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, video content has demonstrated high levels of engagement and effectiveness in driving brand awareness and sales. As a result, video marketing is expected to continue its upward trajectory, with increasing investments and a growing impact on various aspects of digital advertising and consumer engagement.  


    Wrapping Up

    Using video is an effective tool for marketers to connect with audiences. Creating and sharing high-quality video content is now more accessible for businesses. If video isn't part of your content strategy yet, consider trying out a few projects to see the benefits. In essence, the key takeaway is that your business requires video content. If you're advocating for video implementation at your workplace, sharing this blog can provide a comprehensive overview of video effectiveness to convince your superiors. Developing and investing in videos for your inbound marketing strategy offers a significant advantage and stands out as one of the most valuable investments you can make.