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Jon Renau Wigs and Hairpieces

  • Jon Renau is one of the premier producers and innovators when regards to hairpieces and wigs, known for their lightweight quality, suppleness, and vast array of salon-inspired colors that has revolutionized the world of alternative hair-care solutions.

    The Lite Collection provides light density wigs featuring an ear to top lace front with a monofilament tops for more realism. Best sellers are Zara Lite with its virtually unnoticeable lace front Julianne Lite which has hand tied sections to allow more natural motion and Miranda Lite.

    SmartLace Human Hair Collection

    Jon Renau's SmartLace Human Hair Collection provides the best high-end lace front hair wigs available on the market. Their innovative technology features an ultra fine and sheer lace front that's virtually invisible, offering styling options away from your face while providing the natural breathability and coolness you need. The monofilament surface feels comfortable against your hair, giving the appearance of hair growing naturally on your head, removing friction and scratchy skin.

    Each hair strand is hand tied to the lace, creating an elegant appearance, and offering maximum versatility in style. The strong welded lace can be cut or cut without becoming sloppy and losing form; it can be styled with heat tools to create unique appearances. Wigs that feature Renau Naturals shades provide vivid yet fade-proof hues through hand-blending, shading and highlighting every hair strand individually.

    Jon Renau's Lite Collection has revolutionized wig and hairpiece designs by providing simple elegance and comfort for those looking for light options to wear underneath their existing looks. Perfect for those experiencing hair loss, who want to reduce their weight or lose weight with more compact styles. Each Lite hairpiece comes with non-slip silicone nape area which can be secured behind your head, polyurethane-coated ear tabs that prevent shifting, and the light density of hair that is almost undetectable, offering effortless elegance!

    Lite Collection

    Jon Renau Lite Collection has revolutionized alternative hair solutions by focusing on light weight comfort and exquisite workmanship. Their collection of light density wigs featuring the lace front and monofilament top construction gives natural-looking results without the maintenance-intensive requirements associated with other solutions.

    SmartLace Lite Collection wigs provide an incredibly secure fit that is comfortable enough for all-day wear. Their unique design incorporates a an area for the nape that is not slippery, ear tabs with a polyurethane coating and adhesive strips that provide added security - ideal for women who are active! Additionally, they have lower hair density compared to more expensive SmartLace styles and make this collection the ideal choice.

    This collection offers both synthetic and human alternatives with incredible comfort. Furthermore, the Lite Collection boasts popular styles like long bob (LOB) that has been deemed both fashionable and timeless; Emilia is a great example of this trend with her beautiful grey shades as well as long-length layers which are easy to manage.

    The Lite Collection also includes Ombre effect shades such as Sherry Blonde as well as Palm Springs Blonde which feature gorgeously blended hues that create an appearance that is completely natural. The options offered to women offer an easy way to change the look of their outfit or bring color into their daily styling routines.

    Machine Made Wigs

    Whatever level you're at in the loss of your hair Jon Renau wigs and hairpieces provide easy yet comfortable style for everyone. Patti's Pearls offers an incredible selection of this internationally acclaimed brand in luxurious lengths and styles to satisfy the needs of every woman and preferences, including shorter jon renau wigs as well as long and medium sizes from this internationally recognized brand.

    Jon Renau's top-quality human hair wigs, such as those from his SmartLace Human Hair Collection and Lite Collections have unique cap designs that are complemented by superior cap features such as the lace's innovative and strong design which can be cut to match a natural hairline.

    The Lite Collection features lightweight machine-back monofilament structures that provide simple treatment and comfort to wearers. The monofilament crowns they use eliminate friction against your scalp, for an improved experience.

    Jon Renau is well known for its stylish wigs like our most popular Julianne synthetic front wig with lace, Miranda synthetic lace top mono part wig, and straight haired Angelique the traditional wig. In addition, wigs that are heat resistant from this brand allow you to flat iron and crimp with no harm; pick from red, blonde, and ash brown wigs. Whether you're seeking bold colors or classic designs, our selection ofJon Renau wigs will help boost your confidence every day.

    The Heat-Defiant Synthetic Wigs

    Hair wigs that are Heat Friendly/Heat Defiant are made from specially designed heat resistant fiber that allows wearers can style the wig on a daily basis by using controlled heat like blow drying, straight ironing and crimping and curling, just as real hair strands. This allows them to adapt their style according to events or moods with the option of changing styles at will.

    To extend the longevity of your heat Defiant Wig, it is crucial that you follow proper care and maintenance guidelines. It is important to wash it regularly with a sulfate-free shampoo designed for alternative hair, and ensuring you go through knots and knots before cleansing with water.

    Jon Renau's HD Collection of Wigs offers beauty with resilience. Constructed of heat-resistant synthetic fiber, these stunningly hair wigs can be styled using hot tools just as human hair. Smartlace hairlines and hand tied monofilament crowns add to the realism, providing the appearance and feels natural when styling or straightening this gorgeous beauty! The results will never fail to amaze.