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Henry Margu Wigs

  • Henry Margu has been one of the oldest wig manufacturers within the US since 1951. Offering trendy yet natural styles with superior workmanship, Henry Margu wigs are made for confident women.

    JULES features chin length tousled waves that have a chic front of lace to create a natural hairline. Additionally, this hairstyle comes with HiLites shades that have dark tones that are darker with lighter highlights that appear like they're growing out of its scalp.

    About Henry Margu

    Henry Margu is one of the most renowned wig makers in the US which was founded in 1951. They are known for their stunning yet practical styles to provide women with thinning or permanent hair loss confidence and beauty despite thinning hair loss or volume loss. The latest colors, unwavering dedication and incomparable quality have cemented Henry Margu as a leader in the alternative hair industry. At Best Wig Outlet we carry an extensive selection of Henry Margu wigs and pieces to fit every unique design imaginable. Click here!

    Henry Margu Claire Wig is a feather light machine-made open cap wig designed with all-over texture wavy layers that create movement, framing the face while adding volume for an appealing and modern look. Additionally adjustable tabs on the nape, and ear tabs offer additional comfort in this fashionable style - an excellent option for women with a head size that is average and who desire an easy and natural style.


    Henry Margu offers a comprehensive range of styles to meet all of your needs and wants, including the natural as well as synthetic hair styles alike to fulfill the needs of. There are natural hair styles and synthetic styles for those who want something casual; our 'Naturally Yours' range can transform thin and fine hair. Top Styles will add volume for an extra oomph. Hairpieces also allow us to try the latest fashions!

    Henry Margu wigs and hairpieces are constructed using high quality synthetic fiber that resists heat up to 350 degF, which means they can be used in all climates and styles. When wearing all Henry Margu product that is not specifically labeled for heat resistance blow dryers and curling irons should be avoided to avoid frizzing or damaging of fiber fibers from excessive heat exposure.

    Henry Margu's unique highlighted coloration technique is a wildly well-known method of adding an element of authenticity to styles. This technique blends darker base color with lighter highlights for an amazing natural appearance, or you have the option of adding roots as well and giving the wig more volume due to the darker roots and creating lighter highlight areas throughout.


    Henry Margu offers an impressive range of trendy colors. Their latest offering, Candace Short is a shorter version with delicate layers that frame the face beautifully and frame. Avery Monofilament Wig gives a an authentic and natural look without limiting styling options because fiber is hand tied directly to a single lace fabric rather than sewn onto an artificial head.

    The exclusive highlighted colors call the reality of hair coloring into question through its combination of darker color base and lighter highlights, creating the appearance of roots protruding straight out of the scalp. The HiLites collection is an absolute hit among many styles thanks to this lifelike coloring technique.

    For the best care of your Henry Margu wig, we recommend using a shampoo made specifically for hairpieces and wigs. Regular washing will keep the wig looking gorgeous. For longer life expectancy storage, placing your wig in a stand when not in use, and out of direct sunlight is suggested. blow dryers and curling irons which do not explicitly label themselves as heat resistant should be avoided, as they could damage the fiber and cause it to frizz up. A synthetic hair detangling sprays are able to help prevent tangles while keeping your wig looking gorgeous!


    Henry Margu has been manufacturing stylish and practical wigs in the US since 1951 which earned them a reputation for their stunning style and superior quality workmanship. The Naturally Yours line transforms thin or fine locks into stunning locks, while their Premiere collection transforms thicker locks into glamorous locks that have beautiful locks. Monofilament top styles provide a an authentic appearance. The Incognito collection provides fashion-conscious people with a variety of options to wear discretely.

    Although wigs can be practical, it's vital to take care of them to make them look stunning and last as long as is possible. This means making use of tools and products made specifically for them as well as avoiding hot styling tools like curling irons and blow dryers to style them. When they're not being worn, they should be kept in a safe place on a wig stand or styrofoam head instead of folded in a bag, and be aware of areas of extreme heat, like fireplaces or stoves as these could damage their synthetic fiber material.

    Henry Margu Wig Maintenance Accessories 8oz set includes everything you need to keep your wig in good condition, such as Cleanse Shampoo, which gently cleanses without harming its fiber, as well as Revitalize Conditioning Mist that improves the luster of your wig and moisturizes it.