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Blood is life (part 1)

  • Another bit of creative writing I had been working on on




    Hands bound behind her back in metal cuffs. Head pounding from where she'd been hit. Darkness. Something over her head. Jessica was stumbling as someone gripping her arm tightly forced her to walk blindly. She could hear their footsteps. Too many steps to be sure how many were walking with her. Then they narrowed down to two sets of echoing footsteps. Hers and her guide. She heard the sound of a heavy door being opened. "The chair in the middle." Came a male's voice, deep and commanding. Jessica was pushed forward a little more hurriedly, stopped, then turned on the spot before feeling hands push her shoulders down so that she was forced to sit on a chair. Her arms still bound behind her didn't feel a back to the chair, which meant she was sitting on a stool. 

    The dark, fabric bag over her head was pulled off harshly and she had to allow her eyes to adjust to the sudden light. She squints, her eyesight not brilliant as it is without her glasses, she watches the large wooden door being closed and locked. Leaving herself, the man stood next to her that Jessica assumed had guided her here, and another male leaning against the door with one leg crossed over the other and his arms folded over his chest. 

    Dark eyes stared at her, putting her on edge. It felt as if he was looking into her. "Wher-"
    "Quiet." That deep voice interrupted her from across the room. "I'll be asking the questions". The male then walked forward, his footsteps soft, barely audible in comparison to what hers and her guide's had been. When stood close to her, he bends his knees to squat in front of her, staring at her carefully. She could see him much more clearly here. Chiselled, pale features and a strong jawline. He was quite handsome, particularly the way his short, dark hair was combed back. His deep brown eyes continue to stare into her very soul. Jessica sat tense, and rigid as he looked over her carefully before opening his mouth to speak finally. 

    "Who sent you?" He asks and Jessica was slightly taken aback. 
    "Sent me?" Her voice shakes and the male in front of her sighs heavily.
    "Who are you with? Secret Services? Vampire Hunters Guild? Supernatural Observers?...You were caught following one of ours towards our coven. Why? Who. Sent. You?!"
    Jessica shivers, her pupils dilated in fear. She hadn't realised in her tracking that she'd be mistaken for a hunter. Or anyone else for that matter. Until a few weeks ago, she had even been sceptical at the existence of vampires! But she had a mission to fulfil. Whether they will listen might be another thing. "R-Ravios sent me-" Jessica starts then lets out a squeal as the one who'd guided her into this room pulled her head backwards by her hair to force her to stare at the fangs he bared at her angrily, hissing. His eyes seemed to glow in his anger. "Do not blaspheme! Do you wish to die?!"
    "No!" Jessica cries out, tears stinging the corners of her eyes, mainly from the mild pain of her head being pulled back by her hair. 
    "Enough! Let go of her." The male in front of her says sternly. The guide then releases Jessica's hair with one last angry hiss. "I would advise that you refrain from lying to us. Especially about our religion." 

    "Your religion?" Jessica blinks and the male in front of her narrows his eyes. Feeling their mistrust, Jessica leans forward a little, desperate for at least one of them to believe her. "I-I didn't know it was your religion, I swear. I'm telling the truth! Omkara came to me, he told me about Ravios. You must believe me!" The male continued to stare, though his eyes seemed now to be looking through her in deep contemplation. 
    "I swear I'm going to kill this bitch if she insults us one more-"
    "Leave us." 
    The male in front of Jessica looks up at her guide coldly. "Leave us." He repeats in a harder tone.
    Jessica, for a moment, looks hopeful. Did he believe her?

    "Boss, either she's mad or she's lying! Either way, she knows of our existence! She's a threat!"
    "That's my call to make. I will not repeat myself, Bogumil. Leave."

    The guide, now known as Bogumil, made one last scowl towards Jessica before storming out of the room, being sure to slam the door behind him. 
    "Y-you believe me then?" Jessica asks naively. 
    "No." the male answers shortly, rapidly dashing any hope Jessica had gained. "He's right. Either you're lying or you're crazed..." The male sighs and looks to the ground. 
    "Or I'm telling the truth!" Jessica blurts out desperately. The male doesn't react at first. He remains as still. Seemingly lifeless as a statue which makes his sudden movement, although merely a simple nod, all the more alarming a few seconds later. He smiles a little, and despite the immense fear and desperation, Jessica felt weirdly comforted by it. The male looks back at her in wonder. Once again, seeming to be in deep thought as he lifts a hand to gently cup her cheek, his thumb moving over it softly. "There is one way I can find out." He says as his hand moves down and his thumb strokes her throat. 

    Jessica stiffens. She could feel beads of sweat forming on her forehead. "Are you going to kill me?" She half whispers, her breath held and her throat feeling tight. Her heart quickens as the male leans towards her, his face just inches from hers. At her question, he chuckles softly, lowering his face towards her neck. "Only if you're lying...or mad." He whispers softly, his hand supporting her back while the other moves her hair behind her. Jessica closes her eyes.



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