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Blood is life (part 2)

  • Thick, long black hair was untangled easily by the paddle brush carefully running through it. Glasses still missing, Jessica stared at her reflection in the mirror on the vanity table. She thought how odd she appeared to herself. After all, she was so used to wearing them constantly. As she brushed her hair back, behind her shoulders, the small, light brown bruise on her neck became visible. For a moment, she merely stared at it in her reflection. The puncture wounds had almost healed completely and were so blended in with the bruise that they were no longer visible. More than anything, the bruise looked more like a hickey. Jessica chuckled at the thought. What would her mother think if she'd seen it? Jessica, her innocent and pure daughter with a hickey! Gently, Jessica places her finger tips on the bruise and winces a little. It was still sensitive. At least she didn't feel light headed anymore. 

    There was a knock on the heavy wooden door behind her, shortly followed by the voice of the vampire that had bitten her. "Jessica, may I enter?"
    "Yes." She answers simply, calling through the door which opens immediately after. The dark eyed, dark haired vampire entered swiftly yet elegantly, closing the door behind him then turning to look at Jessica with his hands behind his back. A forbidden excitement passed through Jessica for no more than a moment. When this vampire had been connected to her, she too had been connected to him in a way. Through this connection, he had allowed her to learn his name while offering soothing words telepathically to keep her calm. As if the immense, seductive and euphoric sensations caused by the connection were not enough to take her breath away and render her completely helpless.

    "Render you helpless? You were already tied up if I recall." The vampire smirks, causing Jessica to blink in surprise before shaking her head and sighing, half laughing. "Must you intrude on my thoughts like that, Edgar? It's rude."
    "It's hardly intruding when you offer them so freely." Edgar laughs. His features then become serious. "They're waiting. Are you almost ready?" 
    Jessica takes a deep breath, letting it out heavily before turning to look at herself again in the mirror. "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be...What happens...when they all know I'm telling the truth?"
    "That's for the elder to decide." Replied Edgar as he wanders towards the four poster bed. His fingers tracing the detailed carvings in the bed post. "One thing is certain. You will be safe. You have become so important to us and that is a fact that I am certain has not quite sunk in for you yet, am I right?" He turns his head to look in Jessica's direction. She was still staring at herself in the mirror. "I feel your tension. You must relax. You have nothing to fear." He says as he walks boldly towards her and kneels by her side, looking up at her as she turns to look down at him. "You wonderful being. None of us would be able to express our gratitude enough." His words were warm, as was his smile.
    "It's not that I'm not flattered...but what exactly have I done? What happens when they all learn what I know? I feel like I'm blind folded, being led to some unknown future. It's frightening."
    Edgar's smile slips, but his gaze is soft and understanding. He lifts a hand to cup her cheek gently. "All will become clear very soon. Come, let's not keep them waiting."


    The Grande Hall as Edgar called it, was located in the building's cellar. Although Jessica had no idea where in the UK she was, after all she did have a bag over her head during the journey, she did know however that she was currently staying in a castle so large that it could house the inhabitants of a whole village. Or at least, that's what Jessica thought. Nothing but moors for miles surrounded this luxurious castle. But getting back to the cellar, Jessica and Edgar had to climb a couple of flights of stairs before reaching a very large, metal door which was opened at the sight of them by two guards with astonishing ease. Once inside, Jessica saw that there were no windows (obviously), and that the large, circular room was lit by several candelabras standing on tall, black metal frames around the room. It was almost as if she'd stepped back in time. Were they even aware that they could use electric lighting? 

    Jessica heard Edgar chortle beside her and glanced at him curiously to see him looking at her while trying (and failing) to keep a straight face. She was about to ask what he was laughing at when she heard his voice in her mind. 'You're going to offend someone with such thoughts. Try to focus.' Jessica's cheeks reddened a little as she quickly then glanced around the room at the hooded figures standing by the walls. There were so many of them. All eyes on her. She noticed a couple of them smirking and her cheeks grew even redder. Leaning towards Edgar a little, she whispers to him. "Can they all read minds?"
    'No, not all. But I'm sure a couple caught what you thought just now.' She hears his voice in her head. 

    The centre of the room was clear, as all the other figures lined the walls. Only one figure stood in the centre of the room. His robe that of a deep crimson colour. He was the only one in the room (except Edgar) who had his hood down to reveal long white-blonde hair. His features that of a young man, barely in his twenties. His eyes such a bright shade of green that they could rival her brother's eyes. Her brother...Jessica wondered where he was now. What he was doing. If he was alright or if Lucifer had hurt him to spite her. Just as she thought this Edgar nudged her elbow sharply to bring her back to herself. She noticed a couple of the vampires around them were now squinting at Jessica suspiciously. 

    The vampire in the centre meanwhile had extended an arm to her with a serious expression. Jessica gave Edgar one last uncertain look before walking to the centre to stand near the vampire. He looked over her briefly before addressing the room. "You all know why you have been summoned here today. This mortal has brought word that our God, Ravios has made contact with her. Edgar, step forward." 
    Edgar steps into the center beside Jessica obediently.
    "Please provide us with your statement." 
    Giving a short bow, Edgar looks around at the other hooded figures. He holds his hands behind his back as he begins pacing around while confidently telling the room of how they captured Jessica while she was stalking Vampires. Her words once they had gotten her into the interrogation room and the memory he'd uncovered while drinking from her. He concluded his statement by saying he was convinced she was genuine.

    Nodding, the the blonde vampire looks around the room. "Vampires. Elders of the largest, most respected covens. This is why I have summoned you here today. If this story is true, then our wait is over."
    "Why would Ravios choose a mortal? Why not a vampire?" One of the vampires pipes up. Murmurs spread through the room until the blonde vampire held up a hand to silence them. "It is unclear as God's actions always are. However, if the Blood God has chosen to send his trusted messenger to this mortal as Edgar claims, then perhaps he views her as equal to ourselves or worthy of our sacred blood." Turning to look now at a very nervous Jessica, the blonde vampire addresses her. "Jessica Sedley. As the oldest vampire, I must access your memory in the same way that Edgar has done. If you are telling the truth, you will be treated and viewed as royalty. The vampires here will confirm this story to vampires across the world. You will become close to that of a deity to our kind and the story of today will be passed on for generations. But if you are found to be lying, you will be tied to Edgar who will be tied to a stake to await the burning sun. You will both burn together as he would combust under it's rays. Do you understand?"

    "I understand." Jessica replies while terrified of the extremity of the punishment. 
    "To blaspheme in such a way as this is deserving of such a punishment Jessica." The elder says, having clearly read her mind, while extending a hand for her to take. Jessica takes his hand and the elder pulls her arm towards him. At first, Jessica assumed he would drink from her neck but the elder doesn't pull her so close. Instead, he holds her arm gently while bringing her wrist to his mouth. She feels hands on her shoulders and glances up quickly to see Edgar watching her with a calm expression. Then, with a gasp, she feels the sting and the throbbing pain in her wrist as the elder begins to drink. Feeling the sensations taking hold again, her legs feel weak. Jessica leans back a little against Edgar, glad that he had a hold of her. Just as she felt she might faint, the elder stopped. Still holding her arm, he looked at the bite mark and the blood oozing from it for several moments before licking the wound and biting his tongue to rub his own blood into the wound. While this would not turn Jessica, it would heal the wound. 

    Letting go of her hand, he withdraws a handkerchief from his pocket and pats his mouth dry. The room seemed to hold it's breath as it waited for the Elder's verdict. Placing the handkerchief back into his pocket, he looks back at Jessica before looking around the room. Then he smiled. His smile grew wider. Jessica felt chills running up her spine. What had she done? What did this mean now? 

    "The mortal speaks the truth." The room immediately came alive with murmurs and excited chatter before being interrupted by the Elder as he shouts over all of them. "Silence!" The room falls silent. All eyes on the trio in the center. "It is the end of an era. The end of hiding in the shadows. Our God has sent word through his messengers and we must answer the call. The mission is simple. Spill blood." The elders smile becomes more crooked. More menacing and Jessica felt helpless to stop any of this. It was all happening around her and all she could do was watch. "No more sparing the lives of those we hunt to remain anonymous. Drink until they're dry. No more drinking from one mortal a night. Drink from as many as you please! The more the better. Spill some of their blood on the ground for good measure. For every four you hunt, turn one! Build our numbers. Destroy the non believers. Destroy all those who will not follow but be sure to drain them before burning them. Before long, humanity will be at our mercy. They will become nothing but slaves and cattle. We will overpower the hunters. Will will dominate this world in preparation for our Gods arrival!"
    The room was now filled with cheering before gradually being emptied. The elders wanting to get back to their covens as soon as possible to spread the word. The elder had also left the room. Jessica stood, still leaning against Edgar. She felt the strangest combination of numbness and sickness. "What have I done?" She whispers, staring at the ground. "Something wonderful, my lady." Edgar whispers in her ear, giving her shoulders a reassuring squeeze. But this was no comfort to Jessica. She had just condemned humanity to being hunted and enslaved by vampires. How will she ever forgive herself? What can she do to set things right? 
    "Shield your thoughts, my lady. You heard the elder. Royalty or not, they will not hesitate to destroy you if you falter." 
    "You're hesitating..." Jessica half laughs, though she currently feels nothing. 
    "I dare say I've grown quite attached to you, my lady. I also understand that you could never possibly understand what it's like for us. You've never had to live like us. How could you know?" She feels her hair being pulled back, away from her neck and his breath on her skin but she doesn't recoil or pull away. She was in far too much shock to care. "But I could help you to understand...?" she felt his lips on her neck but he didn't bite her. He seemed to be waiting for an answer...or permission. "No...I need to...think"
    He kisses her neck softly. "The offer is there. For now, I will be your guard." He lifts his head to rest against hers, his lips just lightly brushing her ear. "My lady."