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    February 16, 2021 11:21 AM EST

    Thought I'd make a request forum to make finding a role play partner a lot easier. Either reply to a request made (either by commenting here or the other persons inbox.) or make a request for role play here using the template below;


    Character Name:

    Basic Character Information:

    Brief Idea for Role Play:

    Personal Boundaries to Adhere to (if any):

    Character Biography or Link to Character Biography (if any):


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    April 12, 2021 3:54 AM EDT

    Detective Travis Carter

    Black short hair, 5'6, pale skin, male, gay, dresses casual formal, loose dark red tie, white buttoned shirt with rolled up sleeves, dark brown pants, black shoes, muscular but not over the top, five o'clock shadow, brown eyes, smoker, drinker, troubled, hides his emotions, gets nightmares

    Finding your character near a body that is in relation to a case that my character is working on.

    Sex scenes are fine but only when they make sense for the development of the characters involved.

    Travis Carter's Biography

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    April 14, 2021 2:18 PM EDT

    Character Name:

    Basic Character Information:
    Female. ~25 Years old. Human with amnesia. Force Sensitive with a fiery temper when provoked.

    Brief Idea for Role Play:
    Set in Star Wars universe. (During Old Republic).

    Mi'ilarah wakes up near a small Twi'lek farming village on Alderaan with no memory of who she is or how she got there. The village take her in, giving her somewhere to live in return for her help around the village with farm work. Your character would be a bounty hunter (whether they are force sensitive or not is up to you) in search of a fugitive with a price on their head. During the fight to capture the fugitive, your character recognizes Mi'ilarah as the missing daughter of a powerful Sith lord. Seeing a bigger pay day in returning her to her family, your character then decides to go after her instead. Once she's captured, your character and Mi'ilarah start growing close and your character begins having seconds thoughts about handing her over. Resulting in arguments with your ships crew and possible conflict with the Sith and/or Jedi further down the line.

    I can be flexible on the plot and am a huge fan of unseen twists as long as it makes sense to the story. More characters can be added by either of us during rp to suit the story.

    Personal Boundaries to Adhere to:
    * No sex. I'm perfectly happy to write romance and 'steamy' situations but will not be happy to go any further than that. Sexual scenes can be skipped ahead of by writing in brackets 'Skip ahead' or 'Private Time'. I generally tend to steer clear of sexual rps as I have a stronger preference for story driven rps instead.

    * Try not to God Mod or Auto Hit. If it makes sense to the story, or I've rp-ed with you for a while, then I don't mind so much. I prefer it if I have a heads up beforehand though. I will always give you the same courtesy.

    Character Biography or Link to Character Biography:

    I am a fan of improvised characters. If you have a biography ready to go then that's great. If not, don't be afraid to make up a character on the spot and write whatever feels right for that character. Biographies can always be filled out as we go along.

    Now that having been said, I've written up a basic bio for Mi'ilarah to get things started;


    Character Name:
    Mi'ilarah (Amnesia Alias)
    Saphyre Synge (Real Name)


    25 Years Old


    Sexual Orientation:

    Physical Description:
    Blond, shoulder length hair. Blue eyes. Slender with small muscles. Around 5'6.

    (While Amnesiac) Untrusting of strangers but a little gullible when it comes to people claiming to know her. Wants to know who she really is, why she ended up where she was and why she lost her memory. Suspicious & paranoid of everyone. Easy to anger.

    * Novice at hand to hand combat skills
    * Intermediate skill with small blades and light sabers.
    * Novice marksman

    (While an amnesiac) No one.
    (Before Amnesia) The Empire.

    (While an amnesiac) No one.
    (Before Amnesia) The Republic & The Jedi

    Saphyre is the daughter of a powerful Sith lord who is a member of the dark council. In a bid to quell tensions between Saphyre's family and a rival Sith family, her father arranged for her to marry the other Sith Lord's son. Unhappy to be sold off to their enemies, Saphyre fled Dromund Kaas in a small cruiser. Unfortunately, while passing through Nar Shaddaa, a Jedi picked up on her presence and began tracking her. Saphyre attempted to flee the planet by stealing a Starfighter, resulting in the Jedi giving chase. Just as she thought she'd lost him, she needed to make an emergency landing on Alderaan. Her starship was then struck down as it entered enemy territory. She ejected from the ship before it crashed and by a pure miracle, she survived...but she lost all of her memories. She has since been taken in by the Twi'lek that found her and nursed her back to health. 

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    April 19, 2021 1:21 PM EDT

    Name: Teegan Renolds

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Sexual orintation: Pansexual

    Physical description: Long black hair, 5,4, white skin, female, strong, usually wears black T-shirts, jeans and combat boots, occasionally wears red dresses with black heels, dark red eyes, fangs

    Personality: Very open about her opinion, doesn't care about anyone but herself, starts fights, is willing to do anything for money, jerk to everyone, sometimes kind (Only if she tolerates you), doesn't care for people.

    Skills: hand to hand combat, any weapon

    Does any RP or improv.